Andres Moreno and Dominic Santos

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Paolo Maldini

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Austin Wolf and Ian Parker

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Dominic Santos Self Suck & Ass Play

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The Coach 3 with Chris Rockway, Justin Owen & Max Michaels

Chris Rockway is sick of his wrestling team and their losing streak. He has to take matters into his own hands. He takes Justin Owen and Max Michaels straight from the game to his place to get another practice session in. However, all the friction of their hot wrestling unitards causes Max and Justin to get boners. Chris realizes that they are not going to have a good practice until they all bust a load. So Chris makes them get naked. Now it is time for some nude gay male wrestling. They take turns sucking each other off before Justin and Max explode with cum. Max eats it all down and then Chris forces Justin to snowball Max. Next Chris Rockway slides his dick deep inside of Max while Max and Chris suck off Justin. Then the three train fuck with Justin playing the ham in this gay porn man sandwich. Next Justin gets fucked by Chris Rockway, and then Justin fucks Max hard and deep. Finally Max and Chris cum at the same time and they all make out and gobble down the jiz before they start up their practice again. Now this is how you wrestle. Be sure to check out the hot free gay porn trailer and all the free gay porn pics at Randy Blue.
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